Awards for Accuraty!

I didn’t think to post the news when I got it a couple of weeks ago (my mom has been telling me to update my blog more often…), but two of the sites I designed at Accuraty won awards from the Content Management System Association. Accuraty won awards for four of their sites in each’s division (all that were submitted!): their own site, MUTI, IGBA, and Schum Law. It was really exciting to hear live reports about Accuraty from the CMS Expo 2012 in Chicago!

Although I did some minor work on both Accuraty’s site and on MUTI’s, it’s the latter two that I’m really proud of. I did the design for the nonprofit Illinois Green Business Association’s website, and Kerstin Zauke did the slicing and dicing and development.

Since I left Accuraty before the project was wrapped up and live, they cleaned up the development of Schum Law Office’s website, but I did the design and a majority of the skinning. Kerstin helped out with the more in-depth Razor development and other finishing touches.

I’m super proud of it, and I learned so much about skinning and dev for DNN, not to mention web design in general at Accuraty. They’re awesome!

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