Motherly Visit

A week ago (hey, time after the work day is precious, I keep forgetting to update when I do have stuff to say!) my mom came to visit me on her way forward to the trail. In case you haven’t been following her Trail Journal, she’s been hiking the Appalachian trail since January. She started in Georgia, but fell and fractured her wrist while hiking with my dad on a ridgetop in a storm in Virginia, and had to go home while it healed. Since she doesn’t do so well with the heat (and we were in the 90s, even in Rochester) and the summer flesh-eating blood-sucking bugs, she’s starting the next phase in Vermont and hiking north to the top, then going south again. This way she hopes to circumvent the heat as best she can, and since everyone makes their own definition of thru hiking (there are a lot of optional shortcut trails etc and any way you cut it, it’s thousands of miles of mountains) and she hopes to do the whole thing this year, it will still “count” as having finished thru hiking.

Anyway, she came to visit me, and we had a nice time visiting the George Eastman House estate in the middle of Rochester, where the founder of Kodak lived. It was very beautiful, and we enjoyed both the inside tour and the outside one despite the hot sun and lots of standing. The garden was very pretty and I’m going to have to go back with my camera (I forgot to grab it this time) later in the summer :( The tour guides made it clear that he was an eccentric man with enough money to fund his eccentricities, such as having an organist playing in his breakfast room every morning. Afterwards we had a nice wander through the pretty neighborhood, and then ate at Sinbad’s mediterranean restaurant, which was delicious. We had planned to eat somewhere else, but the smell of roasting kebabs as we walked by was just too delicious. We sat outside and had nice dinner conversation, and I liked it enough that I think I’ll be going back there at some point.

Monday evening after I got home from work we went to the Wegmans Next Door Bar and Grill. The beef and scallop skewers were delicious and so soft they practically melted in your mouth, my sashimi was very tender, and my mom’s green tea halibut was really interesting and delicious, with a great texture. We had some cocktails and then did some geocaching on the walk.

So all in all a nice visit, which is good cause I’m trying to have less conflict with my mom, like pretty much all daughters do. :P

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