Tiny Lenses on the World

I recently found an artist called Slinkachu who does tiny street installations, which I was really excited about when I saw this picture of his work:

Loch Ness Puddle photo

I think this sort of embodies the way I like to look at the world, and especially as a kid, liked to imagine the world going on around me. I like to look at small things around me and imagine them as something else – usually as shown in this photograph, some kind of landscape for tiny people to be climbing all over or interacting with. You can see how this is reflected in my preferred style of photography – I absolutely love my macro lens. It softens up the world and lets me bring out the little details that I feel we might miss as life goes by quickly, and it lets me go around on trips with an eye for those little holes in the wall that would be caverns to the tiny people like Slinkachu uses, or the vines trailing down that they could climb like ropes on a huge cliff.

Although Slinkachu’s website says he aims to bring out the lonliness of living in a big city, I feel that this set of photos at least really shows the magic that you can find in any landscape – even ugly ones behind city buildings. What looks like some trash in a badly maintained street becomes a mystical creature rearing out of Loch Ness to the creative eye and strong imagination.

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