Monthly Archives: July 2012

Why the Electoral College?

I have been asked numerous times by Germans, in genuine curiosity, why the US uses the Electoral College to determine who our next president will be. To help answer this question I have spoken with my friend Maurice, who studies US policy. Although he had a lot more to say, he sums it up with: “Americans long ago (more…)

My Favorite Movies

Like everybody else, I have some movies I love and can watch over and over again. Now I will inflict you with my opinions about them!

  • V for Vendetta: This movie is basically the perfect storm of my favorite elements in a movie. There is badass fighting, beautiful cinematography, characters with backstories, breathtaking charismatic writing, and a little romance. Then there are some (more…)

New Things!

My mom gave me this handmade glass Frogtopus (I believe these are the guys who made it), which I was so excited about I could barely let it out of my sight for the rest of the day. I did manage to restrain myself from sleeping with it like a little kid with a new toy, but just barely. ;) I love getting physical Frogtopus things, it’s so exciting, (more…)