“All streams flow to the sea…”

I’ve lately been admiring the beautiful works of calligraphy that keep showing up on Behance.net and Dribbble, and wishing I could create such spontaneous works of penmanship. I had some strong inspiration from the service at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester on Sunday, a quote from Lao Tzu:

A quote from Lao Tzu.

The sermon was about how to be humble and reconcile your ideas with those of your enemy so that you can better understand them, have an open mind, and work towards a better solution rather than just drawing lines in the sand. This being an election year I’ve already been trying to work on it by discussing politics with my coworkers (I know that’s traditionally a no-no) and trying to make sure I stay calm. I don’t know how they feel about it but I find it interesting and educational when we can manage to have a rational discussion. Of course it’s also a philosophy I could do to remember in the rest of my life too… So I thought it was worthwhile to spend some time examining it calligraphically.

I drew this by hand based on some work I saw featured online some time ago, then traced over it on tracing paper and inked it. It will take me some time to work up to something more spontaneous and original, but I figured I shouldn’t wait to practice, since I’m certainly not going to get that good without trying. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out since I wasn’t tracing in the first place, just looking at the letters from my original inspiration.

2 Responses to ““All streams flow to the sea…””

  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    Very nice caligraphy!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks! I’m hoping to do more, but so far no inspiration has struck strongly enough to make something more. I’m also a bit short on appropriate drawing pads – I had to be a bit careful when retracing this to fit on the the paper, and it’s on tracing paper rather than something more normal.

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