New Things!

My mom gave me this handmade glass Frogtopus (I believe these are the guys who made it), which I was so excited about I could barely let it out of my sight for the rest of the day. I did manage to restrain myself from sleeping with it like a little kid with a new toy, but just barely. ;) I love getting physical Frogtopus things, it’s so exciting, and it’s cool to see different people’s artistic interpretations of her.

Glass Frogtopus

I also got myself a new plant. The internet seems to think it’s called a Nephthytis. My mom says that I really need a pet, and Patrick is concerned that I’m turning my apartment into a jungle, so I may be getting an intervention in a few months, but I’m having fun, and for the price, they’re a good way to put something new in my room and simultaneously giving me an activity to occupy myself with. I like watching them grow, seeing if I notice any changes since yesterday. Plus, most of them seem hard to over-water, and I don’t have to feel too bad if I accidentally kill them, like if I had a fish or something.

Nephthytis plant

By the way, I have an account on Instagram (thosesocks). I tend to forget to take pictures of things, but if you use the app, you should follow me anyway!

Otherwise I’ve been enjoying the summer, including trying kayaking and trying to wash my car by hand. Both were fun outside activities that I learned from. :P We’ll have to wait and see if the car ever gets washed by hand again…

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