Monthly Archives: August 2012

Four Quartets

I love T.S. Eliot’s writings. I have trouble sitting down and reading entire poems at once, and I have only read a few of his poems, and add to that that my copy of some of his poems is covered in some book club’s handwriting, and I feel like a bad, uneducated fan. Nonetheless, when I sit down with his Four Quartets or (more…)

Disciplines of Design

My environment growing up was not particularly conducive to studying art (lots of engineers and scientists, very few artsy people) no matter how many art classes I was enrolled in (I didn’t really like children’s art classes anyway), and I had to find a lot of the information out myself. (Oh, college, you require a portfolio with drawings? :< Let me make some at the last minute. ) At one point (more…)

Rochester Public Market

Over the weekend I went out to the Public Market despite the heat advisory and atrocious humidity, with the intent of practicing photographing people. Since I’m short victims who let me do this, I don’t feel like I’m very good at taking pictures of people. It was sunny but most of the action was under tent-covered alleys, (more…)

Curly Hair Care

I have fine white-girl hair which varies from curly sproings to lazy waves to frizzy flatness depending on the weather and what I did to it this morning. Different parts of my hair even behave differently from each other on the same day! Unfortunately, fine-textured curly Caucasian hair needs very different care from the more (more…)