Curly Hair Care

I have fine white-girl hair which varies from curly sproings to lazy waves to frizzy flatness depending on the weather and what I did to it this morning. Different parts of my hair even behave differently from each other on the same day! Unfortunately, fine-textured curly Caucasian hair needs very different care from the more coarsely-textured hair that people from warmer climeshave, and apparently most “curly” products are not aimed at Caucasian hair.

But, after trying a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and gels, I have finally found a system which has been working quite consistently for me: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo & Conditioner! These are kind of pricy by standards of shampoo, but I bought a huge liter bottle of their shampoo on Amazon and I think the price per volume came out okay. I shower in the morning, shampoo every other day (supposed to help keep the hair from getting too dry), and condition every day. I leave the conditioner in while I wash the rest of me, I don’t know if it helps let the product soak in or not.

After I get out I towel it dry and then put L’Oréal Springing Curls Mousse in just the top layer – not past my ears – before any hair can dry out. I avoid getting any in the bottom layer of my hair because my “undercoat” seems to not hold any shape very well, and the product tends to make it look greasy and limp; if I keep it clean then it can be fluffy and support the curls on top. Sometimes I pin my hair out of my face a bit. I let it drip-dry and try not to disturb it too much with wind or whatever until it’s pretty well dry. There may be a better gel/mousse product for me out there, but L’Oréal isn’t as expensive as the fancier products but seems to do alright. I don’t manage to use hairspray on a regular basis yet, although I have some sitting around.

This all seems to do a pretty good job of giving me good, tight, strong curls that stay through the day, although the underside still does not behave satisfactorily. I’m very satisfied with the job the Redken products do, especially in comparison to the usually-questionable job my past brands have done. There is definitely room for improvement in how I take care of my hair, and two areas I’m hoping to look into later this year are oiling my hair once a week or so, and using a hair dryer with a diffuser, which is supposed to preserve my hair’s curls. (After many attempts by my mother with her burning hot hair dryer, I’m pretty skeptical of hair dryers, but I got clucked at by Germans on what seemed like an almost-daily basis for coming to work with wet hair in Cologne, so apparently if I’m ever going to live there again, it’s a habit I need to learn.)

How do you take care of your hair to get it the way you like?

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