Rochester Public Market

Over the weekend I went out to the Public Market despite the heat advisory and atrocious humidity, with the intent of practicing photographing people. Since I’m short victims who let me do this, I don’t feel like I’m very good at taking pictures of people. It was sunny but most of the action was under tent-covered alleys, so there was plenty of light but it was indirect, which was good. Early on I was a bit self-conscious after I saw one or two people duck out of my frame as I tried to catch them, but after another half hour of wandering around I found that a lot of the vegetable salesmen were so used to selling at the market that they hardly noticed me.

They’re not as dramatic as I hoped from looking at other photographers’ work, but I feel like I got some good practice, and those other photographers have a lot more skill to make those portraits. Also I think they capture some of the atmosphere at the market. Maybe once I get used to taking pictures like this I can bump it up a notch and find a way to take more interesting ones.

I shot these with my 60mm, which let me get people from farther back, but it did mean that it was sometimes hard to get a good shot without heads in the way. I fiddled with them a fair bit when I got home to get them more where I wanted in terms of color, contrast, and exposure. I feel kind of out of practice with my camera these days. :/ Halfway through my expeditions I’ve been discovering that there was some setting I had wrong because I didn’t bother to check. Looking at these now that I saved them out and uploaded them, I think they could use more retouching and better color correction…

I came away missing the Urbana Farmers’ Market and Don’t Ask‘s performances in the back corner… and the hordes of other Chambana people I always see there.

I would love critique on these. I know that they’re hardly more than snapshots, but it’d be nice to have more specific goals next time I go out than just “do better, get more ones with decent quality.” I guess I don’t really know where to start.

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