Monthly Archives: September 2012


Since probably around October, I feel like I’ve been learning to be more happy overall. On a day-to-day basis, I may have plenty of grumpy days or be lonely or unhappy, but over longer periods of time I feel like I’m gradually getting better at living happily. Sort of like climate change making our planet warmer, though we may not notice it on a daily basis? (more…)


In response to reading The Happiness Project, I decided to follow the author’s idea of writing down wise statements or commandments to herself. Since she is clear that these lists are very personal to your needs and style of living, I’ve been trying to gather some of my own in no particular order. Are there other guidelines (more…)

Watkins Glen Park

I went to Watkins Glen for Labor Day with the goal of taking pictures. Just a quick drive down on Sunday afternoon. The drive down was really gorgeous, if somewhat long, and reminded me of a sort of American version of Tuscany. The highway wound along the side of Seneca Lake, past a multitude of wineries on one side (more…)