Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pittsburgh Panorama

Last weekend I went to visit my high school friend Yuzi in Pittsburgh, where she’s going to CMU for her Ph.D. I enjoyed the drive down in the sunshine with all the pretty fall leaves, even if it was quite a long drive. Mostly we just hung out and talked about life, but we did get out and walk around town by where the rivers join, and we rode the incline up to the top of the bluff to walk around and look at the scenery. (more…)

Minor Acoustic Singing

I really like vocal music. I don’t know how varied/developed my taste actually is, since I don’t know many people with this in common to share new things with. I like a cappella, madrigals, sea chanties and folk music. According to Pandora, these are some elements I like: (more…)

Provocateur’s Blog

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with the First Unitarian Church here in Rochester to set up a blog for their brand new Provocateur-in-Residence position at the church. The idea behind the position is to bring in someone from outside the (fairly narrow) UU base and expose the congregation to new ideas and alternatives. He’ll be giving periodic sermons, writing articles for the newsletter, (more…)

Sources of Wisdom

I think a big part of being Unitarian Universalist is drawing wisdom from any source you can get your hands on. We have no holy book, and you can hardly call us organized, so each of us has to do his or her own thinking. Although it’s the very definition by most people’s standards, I find it incredibly hard to understand religions that dictate your philosophy in a neat little (more…)


My main project this summer was to design a new look for the local telecom company Globalinx. They wanted something fresh and nimble, something that would set them far apart from other telecoms. The site structure was set up to have four different branches, one for each customer base (one of which would go off to another site), (more…)

Modernizing Rockettium

As you will now notice, I’ve updated my blog design, replaced the rest of the site with WordPress pages, and moved the whole thing up under instead of There are a few reasons for this.

The main one is that I made the blog and portfolio designs (more…)