My main project this summer was to design a new look for the local telecom company Globalinx. They wanted something fresh and nimble, something that would set them far apart from other telecoms. The site structure was set up to have four different branches, one for each customer base (one of which would go off to another site), and theygave us their four color choices for the sections. They had a fairly specific style in mind – white with flat solid colors, leaving it up to us to present something that agreed with that direction.

Happily they were in the middle of a logo redesign as we got involved, so we were able to work on the design to complement the new logo. Their marketer was churning out pages and pages of copy, while their in-house designer was drawing all the supplemental images. As we worked in parallel on the design, the Bigfoot emerged as their mascot to represent their fun attitude and “big footprint” in the industry, which set the tone for all the illustrations.

We went through a few rounds of designs and then were able to start developing. The goal for us was to create a fairly straightforward CMS site plus a few custom things like the banner rotators.


Globalinx Solutions - BeforeGlobalinx Solutions - Before


Globalinx - After
Globalinx - After
Globalinx - After

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