Modernizing Rockettium

As you will now notice, I’ve updated my blog design, replaced the rest of the site with WordPress pages, and moved the whole thing up under instead of There are a few reasons for this.

The main one is that I made the blog and portfolio designs in the winter of 2010, and the Flash part of the site was even older. My design skills have gotten much better since then, and so have my HTML, CSS, and PHP skills. Really, that wasn’t hard, as the old blog design was my first real attempt to make a theme, and it involved a lot of learning on the fly. Since working at two different CMS-based web shops, I’ve gotten much more proficient at skinning, and it’s less of a headache.

I also figure that I’m more likely to keep my portfolio up-to-date with WordPress than with my wonky sideways-scrolling design. And as far as the wonky layout from my old portfolio goes – a lot of my pieces at that time were vertically oriented and I didn’t want people to have to scroll through very tall images. As I’ve added more web pieces and phased out my school poster projects, this is no longer a need. And I wanted a wider bodycopy area, since the old one tended to feel claustrophobic to me.

My current workplace also puts a lot of emphasis on mobile-friendly implementations for our sites, and I figured I should gain some familiarity and honor the increasing number of smartphone users by ditching Flash and incorporating at least some awkward responsive resizing. Plus I threw in some neat tricks from the modern era, including font-face embedding and those sweet rollover transitions on the links.

With all these new updates, it seemed unnecessary to keep the old bits around, so I made the WordPress files the homepage.

Here are some screenshots from the old design if you want to compare:

Also, Frogtopus says, “watch out!”

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  1. Matt
    | Reply

    These are great improvements, Ellen. Well done. Everything comes across organized, intentional and easy to navigate/digest. I especially like the font choices, line spacing and the little date/category insets. Lots of nice details too, like text highlight color, link fades, etc. I think that the changes you’ve made will give this site a longer life into the future. Hopefully it’s easier to manage and update too. Now, let’s see about animating those bubbles… ;)

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