Sources of Wisdom

I think a big part of being Unitarian Universalist is drawing wisdom from any source you can get your hands on. We have no holy book, and you can hardly call us organized, so each of us has to do his or her own thinking. Although it’s the very definition by most people’s standards, I find it incredibly hard to understand religions that dictate your philosophy in a neat little volume. I see no reason to say “this man was a prophet, speaking with the word of god, and this man was just a smart dude who said some clever things.”

When you think about the myriad hurtful things that can be found in the depths of many religions’ holy books, I think it’s extremely unfair to raise those above the wisdom of skilled poets watching the dawn or a wise politician calling for peace, just because someone centuries ago decided to bind them in the same book as a prophet’s words. I want to see magic in the world around me, and whether it’s carefully dictated by a micromanaging god or organized by atoms mathematically falling into place, I think we live in a pretty incredible world. I don’t want to limit my spiritual inspiration by what someone else approves for me.

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