Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hell & Forgiveness

I have some thoughts about the afterlife for those of us who aren’t saints. Or at least some opinions on the Christian view of this matter. For the moment, I’ll talk about the traditional monotheistic God who loves us all. I’ve talked some with Ariana about her beliefs as one of the most Christian people I know, and whenever we get into (more…)

First U Photos

I took some pictures of First Unitarian of Rochester last weekend. I was there really early to help with a couple of church things and decided to take advantage of that and show up a bit extra early to get some pictures before the congregation arrived. Although it’s November, the day was pretty warm, the grass was pretty green, and the sky was about as blue as it gets in cloudy Rochester. I tried to take advantage of my excess time to try different exposure settings, although (more…)

Shepherd’s Pie

I recently made a big pan of shepherd’s pie which I thought turned out quite well. I got a bottle of dry red wine as recommended by the Wegmans wine store team down the road from me (I live very conveniently placed near the Wegmans mothership store). From what I recall of glancing at the label in the store, (more…)