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I took some pictures of First Unitarian of Rochester last weekend. I was there really early to help with a couple of church things and decided to take advantage of that and show up a bit extra early to get some pictures before the congregation arrived. Although it’s November, the day was pretty warm, the grass was pretty green, and the sky was about as blue as it gets in cloudy Rochester. I tried to take advantage of my excess time to try different exposure settings, although I didn’t think to take the tripod I recently got on loan from a local photographer, so I may have to go back another time to get better pictures of the sanctuary. Despite the lack of tripod, the pictures didn’t come out horribly blurry due to the wide angle lens being able to handle a slower shutter speed, which was nice. One of these days I will take pictures frequently enough to remember all of the things I can set on my camera (in this case, I forgot about ISO…) to get them sharp and properly exposed.

This weekend is the 50th anniversary since the first service was held in 1962, so they’re celebrating that all weekend with tours and things. Apparently the architect, Louis Kahn, is famous and important and people know him from art history classes. To me it looks like a somewhat more proportional and attractive version of the RIT campus.

Along with much of the congregation (as far as I can tell), I’m totally in love with those tapestries. I like to think they are a good match for the church because – bear with me – when you look at them up close, they have a sort of logarithmic pattern of thread colors so the threads are all red yellow or blue, but manage to create a rainbow with a subtle semi-mathematical pattern… but despite (or because of) all that rationale they are beautiful works of art. Unitarian Universalism embraces the science that the universe runs on and other humanist ideas, but still finds it a spiritual place and a work of art. Plus without the tapestries, that room would really just be a nuclear bunker.

I also finally got a working remote flash trigger! Here is one of my first trials of it. Expect more to come as I document the entire contents of my apartment in still lifes! :P

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  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    I like the church pictures. That wide angle lens really works well for this sort of shot. I also agree that it looks a lot like brick city only not quite so much so.

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