Northgate Gonzáles Markets

Here at StormFrog we’ve been working for months to design and develop an awesome new website for the Southern California Mexican supermarket chain Northgate Gonzáles Markets. The chain has a major presence around San Diego and Los Angeles, but their website look was lacking the love appropriate to a chain their size. See:


We worked with them to design something as vibrant and colorful as everything Mexico has to offer, going beyond the typical taco-serving restaurant look with bursts of color and quantities of texture that frankly threw our developers a challenge. We avoided the typical (easy) square shapes found in web design to opt for something harder but more visually pleasing – the bloated box – which gives the impression that the images of delicious Mexican food are bursting out of their containers.

Matt D’Angelo did a great job of rolling with client requests to pack more color and texture in at every turn, keeping what could easily have been overwhelming requests within the realms of design sanity. He redid their logo in an old wooden sign style to fit in with the new hypertextural style, and I worked with him to create the large set of brush-stroke inky icons throughout the site. I wanted to produce something that matched the rough, handmade imagery he was creating, so I sketched out these:


Northgate Gonzáles Markets Icons by Ellen Rockett


Unfortunately I don’t think they ever found a way to include the sombrero or the mustache chef.

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