Monthly Archives: December 2012

Black & White Trees

I took some photos in the winter morning light last week. Although they had really nice gold and blue colors, I decided they worked better in black-and-white in the end. These are from the field around StormFrog. I really like the tall tree that stands by itself far away from anything else, as I can so clearly imagine it having significance for the Native Americans that might have lived in the area. (more…)

Musical Shots

I did another photo shoot, this time of my friend Thom Snell who runs Sunday music at church, which let me get a different setting than the ones of Kristy and Anna in my living room. I wanted to get more “dignified music director” photos to contrast the goofy ones of them from last time. He was a willing model in spite of my myriad cheapest-possible-flash-tripod and general lighting issues, (more…)

StormFrog Ladies

This weekend two of my friends from work, web developers Kristy and Anna, came over to be my test subjects while I played with my camera. They were very willing, which was much appreciated, and the keyboards I had asked them to bring from work were great in helping set a goofy tone and getting them loosened up.¬†Obviously I still have a long way to go to being any kind of serious portrait (more…)