Monthly Archives: January 2013

Leading Motion

Continuing from yesterday, here’s my most recent poem, this time trying to get away from some of the themes I typically focus on.

Please, I would be very grateful to hear what you think of it and what it says to you, or just any critique. I really love hearing what symbolism other people read into my writing – sort of like a team project – and it means a lot to me. (more…)

Inky Poetry

I’m going to break this up into two posts, today and tomorrow. I like to write poetry and short stories, because any time I write more than a couple of pages of a story, I tend to kill my main character if not my entire cast. In fact, I think very few stories I’ve written have ended without them being dead. For some reason I find this really amusing – I like to think of it that I’m worse than Joss about that kind of thing. (more…)


A few of my favorite lolMerkels which include Obama. I love absurd pictures of world leaders, especially the two of them, so these are perfect pairs for me! Her facial expressions always seem so great, and when put next to Obama, it just seems to emphasize how serious he can look while she just makes pictures look dorky. My suspicion is that part of the reason she’s stayed in power so long is that (more…)

AA Rebranded

I see that American Airlines has rebranded themselves after 45 years, as covered on Brand New, and I want to take a moment to talk about my impressions of it. See the Brand New article to see some of the collateral materials I mention below. A second opinion of the rebrand was posted while I wrote this post, and that one gets at the same impression I have, perhaps in better language. (more…)

New Year’s in Cologne

As part of my visit to Cologne for winter break, we went to a New Year’s party at Patrick’s friend’s apartment, where we consumed large amounts of raclette and fondue. The raclette was pretty cool – in the German style, you put bits of bread or vegetables or whatever in a little pie-wedge pan, lay a piece of mild cheese on top, and broil it in a tabletop broiler. Apparently it’s the traditional “Silvester” food for Germans. I had some very good whiskey and an interesting (more…)

Cologne Christmas

I had a good holiday trip to Germany for the purpose of seeing Patrick for Christmas and New Year. We got a fair bit done. We went to see a little circus by someone who used to work with Cirque du Soleil, which was very nice with its live music and acrobatics and so on. There were a lot of children in the audience which we enjoyed watching as they climbed on their fathers for a better view or played in the fake snow on stage during the intermission. I was also amused (more…)