Cologne Christmas

I had a good holiday trip to Germany for the purpose of seeing Patrick for Christmas and New Year. We got a fair bit done. We went to see a little circus by someone who used to work with Cirque du Soleil, which was very nice with its live music and acrobatics and so on. There were a lot of children in the audience which we enjoyed watching as they climbed on their fathers for a better view or played in the fake snow on stage during the intermission. I was also amused by “Stille Nacht” being performed with accordion accompaniment, which seemed a bit contrary to the “silent” concept. That and the German national pastime of clapping along to music lent a certain flavor to the close of the show…

On Sunday we had tea and cookies with Juri from the RPG group and his family, which was very pleasant. It was nice to see them again! Afterwards P and I got dinner at a sushi bar and then saw Skyfall in German, which was definitely a nice way to spend the evening together.

As is traditional for their family, we went over to Patrick’s grandparents’ house near Cologne around midday on the 24th to play some games, enjoy “kaffee und kuchen,” and once it got dark enough, open presents. The next day we drove back a second time to open presents with Patrick’s uncle and little cousin, as they had spent the 24th with their own family. I felt very welcomed by everyone.


Pretty much the entire trip rained, or drizzled, or poured, to the point that when I would look out the windows and see even a pause in the rain and weak sunshine, it seemed sunny by comparison. That put a bit of a damper on the trip, but I at least was happy enough that the weather didn’t make too much of a difference other than while we were actually out slogging through the drizzle.


Later in the week we went to an ice hockey game between Cologne and Krefeld, which was quite exciting but ended in disappointment. I did some shopping while Patrick had his lawyer apprenticeship class thing, and amused him by purchasing a lot of things in my preferred green color, which judging by its availability is apparently in fashion:


I finally found green flats in the right color! I’ve been looking on and off for these for about six years now, so while trivial, it’s extremely exciting for me, haha.

We played a fair bit of Mario Kart Wii as I went from dead last and hardly being able to keep from driving off any available edge, to occasionally coming in ahead of Patrick – on one or two races I came in #1! As I play hardly any computer/video games, I feel pretty pleased with myself for finally getting the hang of this classic.

Next time: New Year’s in Cologne!

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