Leading Motion

Continuing from yesterday, here’s my most recent poem, this time trying to get away from some of the themes I typically focus on.

Please, I would be very grateful to hear what you think of it and what it says to you, or just any critique. I really love hearing what symbolism other people read into my writing – sort of like a team project – and it means a lot to me.

leading motion
that goes beyond form to form
start and end and when to rest;
controlling beauty.

gentlest touch and greatest movement
energy rising, shaking, ecstatic,
calling all forth,
life and power flows through this lens—
and with a gesture, closes.

one form a focal point for All, bringing heaven to earth.
we are intent on a sign, breath held
bated, suspended
and then a tiny—
hardly even a motion—


we are dependent on this rhythmic rise and fall
of hands
make us part of something greater!
forged into a single purpose/soul,
drawing breath at your command,
aching at
the moment before resolving—

bell’s clarity called out, struck, hovering—
until ended.

for this time we are enthralled,
complete and unison,
strung taut in vibration…

and calling out with a gesture
until reaching fever pitch
you are the focal point of life,
and ecstasy, and God.

I’ve sent a few of these to my friends as pre-reading and got a sense of what they got out of the poems. It’s fascinating to me because when I’m writing, I feel like they’re so obvious that I shouldn’t even show anyone, and then I do show people, and they come up with a wide range of interpretations clearly based on their own perspectives into it. For example, with this one, I got anything from (somewhat jokingly) Minecraft to (not jokingly), Contact Improv, and more seriously, religion and world uprising. In discussing it, they picked up on most of the themes and feelings I had intended, but didn’t hit on what it might be describing. I really love hearing other’s interpretations of my poems because it adds more to them. So please tell me what you see in it!

2 Responses to “Leading Motion”

  1. Peggy
    | Reply

    Lovely! I have my own theory on what it’s about… Taking a photo?

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Nope, it’s nothing that I’d ever do. Although I guess there is a certain amount of lensy language used…

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