A few of my favorite lolMerkels which include Obama. I love absurd pictures of world leaders, especially the two of them, so these are perfect pairs for me! Her facial expressions always seem so great, and when put next to Obama, it just seems to emphasize how serious he can look while she just makes pictures look dorky. My suspicion is that part of the reason she’s stayed in power so long is that Germansjust empathize with her so much – she’s not a politician so much as the matron who lives next door.

obama-merkel-1 obama-merkel-2 obama-merkel-3

Two of my favorites are also in a previous post: Merkel Monday.

Although he’s no longer in office, France’s Sarkozy was also a pretty awesome partner in silly pictures with Merkel.

merkel-sarkozy-3 merkel-sarkozy-2 merkel-sarkozy-1

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