Monthly Archives: February 2013

Easter Candy Buttons

I got an invitation to last week! I’m super excited as I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for quite a while, hoping someone would notice me and send me an invite to the current premier watering-hole for web designers.

I was fiddling around with Photoshop and feeling springy, and I’d been looking at lots of sexy button styles for work, so this seemed (more…)

Pittsford Under Snow

Saturday of the snowstorm, I sacrificed skiing time to frolic in the snow closer to home. Once the snow had pretty much stopped around midday, I went out and climbed through more snowbanks to get some shots around Pittsford Village, near where I live. The village is quaint on any day, and when covered in most of a foot of snow it looks so adorable it belongs on Christmas cards for (more…)

Snow Day!

Work on Friday was cut a bit short due to Nemo rolling in to blanket absolutely everything with snow. When I got home, I felt the need to take pictures of my neighborhood at least a little, since who knew what the weather would be like the next few days. Although it wasn’t frolicking in the snow, I had a good time climbing through the snow and getting my socks all wet getting pictures. (more…)

Dad Portraits

When my parents were here a month ago, I convinced them to let me take some pictures of them, which was really great practice. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t want hers posted (although I think she looks quite nice in them), but my dad will let me post his. (more…)