Dad Portraits

When my parents were here a month ago, I convinced them to let me take some pictures of them, which was really great practice. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t want hers posted (although I think she looks quite nice in them), but my dad will let me post his.


angus2-bw angus2-color

I like the black-and-white one the best, since I think it works better than the color version and lets you see all the textures better. Also I personally find the green shirt a little distracting considering the palette of colors in the rest of the image.

None of these had much retouching at all – just a little gradient to bring down the highlight on his suit and draw the eye back up from the edge. I also adjusted the white balance and fiddled with the contrast/shadow/highlights settings in Lightroom to get the lighting a little more dramatic contrasty. I brought the sharpness up just a bit to help with that as well, and added the usual vignette.

Below you can see a retouched version and the original.


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