Easter Candy Buttons

I got an invitation to Dribbble.com last week! I’m super excited as I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for quite a while, hoping someone would notice me and send me an invite to the current premier watering-hole for web designers.

I was fiddling around with Photoshop and feeling springy, and I’d been looking at lots of sexy button styles for work, so this seemed likethe right thing to make. A set of free buttons which I think look like Easter or baby colors, and generally like some kind of spring-themed candy. Check out the cute little easter egg I made in the corner with just Layer Styles!


The PSD is free for use. Please leave a comment or shoot me a message if you’re going to use it publicly! I hope you’ll use these to learn how to put nice subtle button styles together for your designs, as I learned a lot from downloading and dissecting other people’s PSD files.

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