Pittsford Under Snow

Saturday of the snowstorm, I sacrificed skiing time to frolic in the snow closer to home. Once the snow had pretty much stopped around midday, I went out and climbed through more snowbanks to get some shots around Pittsford Village, near where I live. The village is quaint on any day, and when covered in most of a foot of snow it looks so adorable it belongs on Christmas cards for the whole country.

These are the ones I felt worked best in black and white.

Snowy sidewalk
The sidewalk along my commute to work every day.
Classic Americana
I like this house’s classic American architecture, and the snow just adds to it.
Gingerbread house
Gingerbread house.
Schoen Place
Old canal-side buildings converted into little tourist shops.
Canal bridge.
Canal bridge.

Next time: color photos from Saturday in the village.

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