Monthly Archives: March 2013


Back in December, my boss at StormFrog came to the design team with another little development project he had cooked up (if you remember Twake). This one was for a mobile developer’s tool which would force end-users to update their apps, without the developer having to write their own code to do such a thing. We had a long brainstorming session with some key people, and eventually (more…)

High Falls

I went out on Sunday and got some pictures at High Falls in the middle of Rochester. I’m told that this was where flour was milled back when the nickname of the city was the “flour,” not “flower,” city, and it was cool to see the old remnants of that from the bridge over the Genesee. (more…)

Roses I Send To You

I finally got around to taking some tethered photos of my slowly wilting birthday bouquet. Tethered shooting is not something my Rebel could do, but my dad’s 40D is fancy like that. I miss knowing exactly how to use my Rebel, but there are some cool perks like that which make the trade worthwhile. (more…)

Pre-Spring Highland Park

“Between melting and freezing
The soul’s sap quivers.”
– T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

The weather on Sunday was so beautiful that when I finally went out to the park with my camera and new tripod, I left my coat in the car. Spring hasn’t really hit, although as you can see from my pictures, snowdrops have risen. Everything was very squishy and wet, (more…)