High Falls

I went out on Sunday and got some pictures at High Falls in the middle of Rochester. I’m told that this was where flour was milled back when the nickname of the city was the “flour,” not “flower,” city, and it was cool to see the old remnants of that from the bridge over the Genesee.


Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the best angle for viewing the falls would be looking upriver into the early morning sun, so that was less than optimal. Still, it was a nice view of the skyline, and the light down the river was nice.


The Kodak tower looked nice in the sunshine too.


It started snowing after a little while of watching the falls (you can see how crazy the weather here is from these pictures, all taken within an hour). I thought the softly-falling snow in the fresh winter sunshine was very pretty, making an interesting contrast against the dirty industrial backdrop. These few attempts didn’t really capture how nice that view was, unfortunately, but you can see some cool depth of field on the snowflakes in the second one.


The gorge of the river looked pretty awesome with rows of big icicles sprouting from the layers of rock the river had carved out, but shooting upriver into the sun was not something my camera liked. After that the weather clouded up and the snow got heavier, so I didn’t end up taking any more pictures.

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