Roses I Send To You

I finally got around to taking some tethered photos of my slowly wilting birthday bouquet. Tethered shooting is not something my Rebel could do, but my dad’s 40D is fancy like that. I miss knowing exactly how to use my Rebel, but there are some cool perks like that which make the trade worthwhile.

Awesome song to accompany the pictures:

I really liked the juxtaposition of romantic lyrics and weird depressing harmony when we sang this in choir. The roses I picture in the song are definitely about the stage of wiltedness of those in my photos. Not really relevant otherwise.

I took pictures of a variety of things, but since most of my decorative knicknacks still live at my parents’, the selection was a bit limited. The ones of my roses were the only ones I was satisfied with. I wasn’t too satisfied with them on first glance either, but I did more editing than I usually do, after having seen some cool pictures using a much more spot-lit effect in post, and I think they came out alright.

sort of a granny style

This one is actually a crop of the one above, when I accidentally zoomed in all the way. I really liked the textures of the petals and the way the edges curl up and so on – not usually details I notice when I look at a wilting flower. I didn’t see the details until I accidentally zoomed in, but it kind of reminded me of some Georgia O’Keeffe paintings.


With these two, I tried to amplify the lighting in post-processing and make it more dramatic by shading out all but the focal areas. I wasn’t as successful as I hoped, but I think they look a lot better than the originals.


The one rose that is still clinging to its life:


The tripod proved its usefulness again – it gets down quite small and is easy to slide the center column up and down on, so I can easily get higher or lower angles on the objects without adjusting the legs.

2 Responses to “Roses I Send To You”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    i like the last one. :)

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks! The colors came out kind of ridiculously saturated on that one…

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