Graduation Weekend I

I visited my family over the long Memorial Day weekend to see my brother graduate from college. He’s been studying Mechanical Engineering and is going into the Navy next. I took a lot of pictures, so the weekend will be broken up into a couple of posts… We spent Friday afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, although only sort of wandered through their timeline of western art history. We skipped most of the rest of the museum because the weather was just too pleasant and we were more inclined to explore their beautiful gardens. And enjoy their tasty café food.

Ethan kept napping on the grass by the fountain.

I tried getting some nice photos of the family, but it was difficult to get them to behave, especially when Ethan had to flee in fear of my mother after he tried to make her look silly in the pictures…

Just when I got Ethan to stop making rabbit ears behind his parents, my dad started up…
Finally I got them to stop teasing each other and stand nicely under the arbor. -_-; Silly family!

Here you can see what it looks like to go on a trip with me and my dad… and our cameras. It sort of runs in the family, I guess.

As usual, I was unable to resist photographing the pathways curving out of sight through the garden.
Mom and Ethan watching the little orange fishes in a pond.

The museum’s art history overview exhibit had some good pieces, although nothing really famous that I saw, and I thought did a very good job of explaining through plaques the different stylistic movements. One thing I dislike about art museums is their tendency to be rather inaccessible if you don’t have some previous knowledge of what’s going on – and the Indy museum did a good job of providing short explanations of the paintings and their contexts.

Ethan and I were a bit tired out after the art exhibit, so my parents went off for another walk together through the gardens while he napped and I took pictures of the front of the museum with my wide-angle lens.

Ethan napping by the fountain again.

I liked the study in 2-point perspective lines here.

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Such nice weather!! :) I like the b&w one the best.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Danke! Das freut mich. :)

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