Graduation Weekend II

Saturday of my brother’s graduation weekend was pretty much just get up, get ready, do the typical college graduation. Fortunately his school only has about 2,100 students total, so not too many were graduating compared to when I finished RIT. The ceremony seemed very similar though, just on a smaller and less prestigious (if RIT can be called such) scale.

There were bagpipers playing the same song they always play for such things.

Students and faculty wandered in.

Various speakers spoke and awards were given.

Ethan crossed the stage.

We went outside and took a few pictures before going to lunch and driving home in the drizzle. Ethan was pretty nonchalant about the whole affair, although it’s possible that he was just tired out:

We left Ethan at the school for whatever night of debauchery he and his friends had planned and headed back home for the evening.

On the way out of Urbana, I spotted this billboard by Five Points:

You may recognize that logo from my portfolio, when I cleaned up Schum Law‘s logo proportions and layout, and chose their current color palette and font. :D I am unbelievably excited to have found my work featured front and center on a billboard!

2 Responses to “Graduation Weekend II”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Good photos. And dude that is so cool that your work is on that billboard!! :)

  2. Cindy
    | Reply

    Great to see these. Non-chalant, yup, sounds like Ethan.

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