Life Update

Life has been pretty reasonable lately. It fluctuates between periods of tedium and elation depending largely on whether I’m doing things with my friends, but as you can probably tell from the blog posts, the sunny side has been largely winning, and I’ve been getting a lot of mental stimulation to write about.

Despite not really practicing for about a month, it seems like we made a good breakthrough in my singing lesson where through Thom’s guidance I managed to stand and support my breathing correctly to the point that the quality of sound I produced kind of blew both of us away. ^_^ Now I have to work on holding my head nobly so I’m not doing weird things to my neck and messing up that sound… As a result, I’ve started realizing just how awful my neck posture is these days. x_x I’m also getting to start “Blue Boat Home” in addition to “The Lone Wild Bird” … both of which are wonderfully Unitarian in their imagery, and I’m very excited about both despite having been working on the latter for months now.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately, as I subscribed to Pandora and spent a good bit of time training stations in jazz (which I’m finding surprisingly enjoyable vs my previous rather neutral impression of it), classical, barbershop, and sea chanties, not to mention getting a great influx for my weird folk music library (I’ve now bought a couple of my favorites the station has fed me). I went to a concert of Haydn’s music performed by the Rochester Philharmonic, and although I already had a certain amount of exposure to Haydn through my German music class, it was good to see performed live.

Fancy schmansy evening at Beethoven's Eroica. My phone really wants to autocorrect that title. ^^;

The Beethoven’s Eroica performance by the RPO last month was also great, particularly the guest violinist who performed with the orchestra to such applause that he then did a solo encore. The encore was so amazing that the audience was completely entranced. The soloist really made his instrument sound almost like human singing, it was so emotive – something which was new to me as far as I can recall.

I’ve joined First Unitarian here as a member, which was a big step somehow. It doesn’t seem like much will change other than that I’ve symbolically committed to the church in some way that is meaningful to them, and my opinion counts more. I’m excited about the possibilities for helping improve the community now that I’m going to be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also installed Jetpack on the site so if you comment, you can now opt to hopefully get an email if someone responds to your comment.

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