Lilac Festival

Every year in May, Rochester holds the Lilac Festival. Fortunately this year, unlike previous years where they bloomed too early and faded by the time of the festival, the lilacs bloomed perfectly on time (see below) for us. I went along for my first time Saturday afternoon with a large group of friends’ friends. The weather didn’t look too promising when we started, as it was breezy, cloudy, and a bit on the cool side, but after an hour or so the clouds more or less blew off and it warmed up enough that it wasn’t chilly but stayed pleasantly cool for me carrying my camera bag and monopod around. The festival seems to be the usual combination summer fair, local artisan show, and excuse to eat deep fried things.

We started off with a discussion of how lilac is pronounced – Marissa and I as Midwesterners were on team “li-lack” while the natives of Rochester were firm in their pronuciation of “li-lock.” The Android version of Siri was asked, but refused to get involved in the debate. Eventually someone pointed out that we could get around it by pronouncing it “lill-ack” – at which point Nate announced his preferred pronunciation was something rather scifi-y involving an apostrophe. From there we wandered to the “alcohol pen” aka “Beer Garden” after equipping ourselves with a blooming onion, so a couple of people could get beer/sangria slushies. The craft fair was really nice, although I decided to exercise restraint with the plan of coming back later if I still wanted any crafts – which it turns out was derailed later in the afternoon as you will see.

marissa-1 marissa-2

Marissa climbed a tree (though not a lilac) so I could get some pictures of her among the blossoms.

And then on the way to the deep-fried oreo stand … we discovered the goofy hat stand, and I made the mistake of trying one on. This dictated the activity for the rest of the afternoon.


Once I was convinced to buy it, the rest of the group had a good time trying it out and posing for the camera:

The deep-fried oreos turned out to be surprisingly good. More pictures are on facebook, if we’re friends.

4 Responses to “Lilac Festival”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    I love the “lilacfest-5” picture! I’d totally send out spring post cards on that. ;) And that is one groovy hat.

  2. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply

    It’s wonderful to see you smiling like that. Glad you were having a good time.

  3. L. Ceperley
    | Reply

    I should’ve come over from Buffalo. Ugh. I love lilacs! And it would’ve been great to see you. If there’s another flower-themed outdoor festival in Rochester, I’m there! You should come over to Buffalo for the Allentown art fest June 8-9

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Hey Liz! I’ve been watching some of your geology exploits on facebook, it sounds like there’s a lot to catch up on. I’ll see how my schedule looks that weekend. Sometime that Saturday maybe?

      I hope things have been going well for your family and send healing thoughts to your mom.

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