Parents’ House

In addition to seeing my little brother’s graduation, I spent some time at my parents’ house in Illinois. It was good to be back, although of course weird. They keep rearranging the furniture and things.

Happily though, all the work they’ve been doing on the house and yard made for some great photography opportunities to capture things I’ve loved and not really tried or had the opportunity to capture in as flattering a light as I perceive them.


I’m really pleased with the way this cactus picture came out, the smooth blue-green flesh and yellow-orange spikes (complementary colors!) in the early sun with a very shallow depth of field look so soft compared with how we think of cacti.


I took a lot of pictures of the white and yellow irises, they looked so abstract and yet familiar through my lens, and I was really enjoying how the textures were playing with the sunshine.


Especially their yellow beards and diamond-speckled petals:


The clematis looked like it had some alien structure growing out of the middle of its petals … Some important city building from Star Trek or Star Wars, perhaps.


Again the play of colors and textures appealed to me, this time in my parents’ geodes, the complementary colors of blue-gray and warm white, and the contrast of the smooth, spiderweb-soft agate ripples with the rough rust-textured shell.


Here is a small sample of those yellowing scifi paperbacks from my grandfather’s collection I mentioned in a post recently.


And my mom’s extensive set of ST:TNG paperbacks marching into the distance…


You see that I come by my love of science fiction honestly!

A sort of abstract hosta leaf which probably could have used a bit smaller of an aperture in being photographed, but I like it, especially the repetition of the veining pattern in the lower right, peeking out from under the leaf.


This one is also kind of abstract (or “Impressionistic” as I would prefer to think of it…) due to having too much breeze and too large of an aperture, but I thought the color and play of out-of-focus/in focus was interesting. It reminds me some of the motion of a ballet dancer’s skirts around her, the way some things continue in motion while others are frozen, paused.


The new tulip tree in the midst of its celebration of spring.


The back of the garage. I thought it looked very 1930s.


Kind of a variety of styles and subjects, but I liked capturing the kind of fuzzy nostalgia-tinted views of the house I grew up in.

Monday we played cards and a game of Take Off!, our copy of which is so outdated that Yugoslavia is listed among the flags of countries represented on the map. I think I missed at least one country because I was trying to think of the current country name rather than what it would have been in the 90s… To my surprise, I managed to come in second behind my mom – although that may have been because the others were taking it easy on me as I haven’t played in like eight years.

We also took a nice walk with Kai and saw some little fuzzy ducklings and goslings down at the lake.

My mom tried to hide behind my dad … I think she’s trying to take after her mother who did her best to never be in photos, and if she was ever cornered, did her best to cower out of the way.

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    HEY you made it so it does a slideshow!! It works great, thank you!! :)

    My favorite picture is the one of the “ballet dancer” flowers :)

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Yes, I did it just for you! :) I’m glad to hear you like the “ballet dancer” flowers, especially since I’m not so satisfied with the technical execution of the photo…

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