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A favorite activity for me is escaping reality to play tabletop roleplaying games with friends. I can work off imaginative energy by picturing situations and kicking ass to hopefully save the day and experience some funny situations. I grew up on stories of my parents’ RPG characters’ exploits, which involved all the drama of epic legends but without the freaky bits. So when I look for something to draw, I often turn to my many RPG characters that I’ve created, or my friends’ characters.

These are old (often too old or too short-lived to remember who they were or to whom they belonged), but I thought I’d share them. I have lots of others hiding on my computer, but those aren’t really worth showing.


Kember is one of my oldest characters, who was run in my family RuneQuest games. One of the original four, from back when I was around 10 I think, so he has a lot of lineage. His main claim to fame was that he had an abysmal starting dexterity – 6 out of a possible 18, we rolled for stats – and it was the biggest day of his life when he finally raised it to 7 and got into the “average” category so he no longer had to roll to keep from tripping over his own feet. The drawing is from summer 2008, when I had a lot of time on my hands to draw. I should probably do the 100 questions for him at some point, since I did that exercise for more recent characters.


Lucia was one of my favorite characters I think, played during the 2007/8 school year. She was so much fun because she had been washed up on shore after her ship (she was in the navy) was wrecked, and she had amnesia and serious memory/attention problems. The party got into trouble at least once when she failed her amnesia check while on night watch and spaced out, failing to see the enemy until they were upon us. I really enjoyed playing a “handicapped” character, and I was always able to picture her really clearly. She was also pretty awesome with her gun. That was a sort of steampunky tropical version of D&D 3.5, which was a fun setting. It took a long time to convince one of the players to pronounce her name right instead of “loo-chia,” and that was also the game played alongside the catboy sorcerer, the half-tree bard, and the rastafarian cleric, so it was a pretty ragtag but awesome group. Looking through my character folder, I found a rather long description that I had apparently written up for the group’s wiki site. Also, wow that was quite a while ago.


Esa Nolan is from summer 2008, and is the half-brother of my character below. I believe this was from the forum I ran for my friends, when we tried a short-lived game with a simple rule system that I can’t remember now. Esa belonged to my friend Eric (correction, belonged to Maurice; Eric was running the game) and was very protective of my somewhat innocent and cleric-y human character. He was half-elf, obviously from the ears. Beyond that I don’t remember much.


Gin Nolan is also from summer 2008, she was my character for a short-lived forum game. I think it was a kind of fantasy/medieval setting – the usual sort. As I recall she was a very ardent person (as you can see, she’s preaching to the masses), and a very dedicated healer. I think she was also a bit of a naive space case or something though, since Esa had to come to her rescue at least once in the short time she was played. I think we ran that game in 2006 or so, but I’m not sure. She was originally named Ginny I think, but the group quickly co-opted her name to Gin for entertainment value. Apparently I actually answered Maurice’s entire 100 questions for her… ah to be in high school with senioritis again.


All I remember about Jacob is that he belonged to someone in the summer 2008 session of my college RPG group, and I think he was some kind of warrior. And yes, the pole does go through his wrist in a slightly freakish way. I think he was from our Burning Wheel game.


Sygel Gwaethra was my character from the Burning Wheel game summer 2008. I pictured her as basically a slightly-modified version of Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings. She came from a country that placed honor, duty, and horses above all (so, basically Rohan), and took it very seriously. She didn’t get played much beyond the first session or two, but I liked the character and world she had been written into. Apparently I gave up around question 20 on her 100 questions


Skorra was a Norse barbarian type for our one-shot of 4e D&D. I don’t recall any more of the game beyond one fight, and the group consensus that 4e was basically catering to the WoW fans. We felt it had lost all the “quaint” problems (like the peasant railgun bug in the rules) that made it nostalgic, without any significant improvements to make up for it. And something is definitely wrong with her legs.


Estebus is from the end of the 2009 school year, when I was in Dessau. I had a lot of time to draw while I was in Dessau. As you can see, Estebus was a priest, and sidekick to an Inquisitor. Maurice tells me that he was a non-player character from his Dark Heresy game, which he described in detail to me, though I never played with the NPC.

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  1. Maurice
    | Reply

    Brings back memories.

    I think Esa was my character, though. Eric was running that game, right? If I remember correctly it sank in the dread, trackless sea of pointless forum arguments about historical accuracy (like so many others).

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Yup! You know, I’m not sure how I managed to attribute Esa to Eric, since the whole time I was thinking “Eric’s scenario”… I think that game actually got hit by final exams for you two since you were in college, or something. The other games tended to get bogged down in mechanics, as I recall… it was the forum as a whole that got bogged down in you and Lord Bobbit arguing over historical accuracy and East vs West. ;)

  2. Nate
    | Reply

    I was kind of hoping to see a picture of Hydæl here. He is still one of my favorite characters, and I loved the way you took the (completely ridiculous) character I had made and brought it to life.

    It is cool to see so many other characters from games you have been in. I’ve haerd of a few of these, but it is interesting to see how you visualized them

    • ellen
      | Reply

      I’m glad you liked the other characters. As I said, there are lots more, including Hydæl, but I didn’t feel like my drawings of him were good enough to show. He was definitely quite a character – I liked the idea that his hair changed color with the seasons like a tree would, and although he was a ridiculous character when combined with the catboy sorceror and the rest of us, I always felt like he could be played perfectly seriously. I might go back and try again to draw him at some point, I don’t know.

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