Monthly Archives: June 2013

New Star Trek

While I was home with my family, we decided to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness. Although I was glad to see a movie with my family, and the movie was very … shiny, I didn’t care for it much. I want to enumerate the reasons why! Lots of spoilers. TL;DR, Stargate Universe, which I’ve been watching lately, strikes me as more Star Treky than this movie. Ask me how. <rant> (more…)

7:30 at the Market

So, the guy I alluded to last post, who came up to me demanding that if I was “going to take a picture of something, take a picture of that!” while shoving his signed hat at me. It quickly struck me that he was either crazy or on something (though I don’t know), based on the way he was rambling excitedly as if I knew what he was talking about. I tried to be polite and take advantage of the proffered photo opportunity and not assume that he was crazy – and he was (more…)

7am at the Market

I was free and undistracted Saturday morning, and as usual in the summer, the dawn and loudly twittering birds outside woke me up around 5:30, so I got up and went over to give photographing the Rochester Public Market another try. I have enough pictures (even after weeding them down sort of continuously throughout the weekend) that I’ll be breaking them up into a few posts. (more…)

Hats by Gil Maker

Some weeks ago I served as a model for two of the photographers in my Saturday photo group who wanted to practice portraiture and studio lighting. The subject of the photo shoot was my humble hat collection. (This was before the acquisition of my rainbow squid hat.) Gil Maker got me a disk back this weekend of all the photos he took, and I went through and did a quick pass of cropping/editing (more…)

Staerkel Planetarium Art

In thinking about “Blue Boat Home” (and various other starry things…) I’ve been reminded of the really great art the planetarium at home has. My family spent a vast amount of time at Staerkel Planetarium when I was growing up, to the point that apparently we spent many Friday nights there, and Dave the planetarium guy knew us on sight. We went to the star shows, science lectures (more…)

Blue Boat Home

I mentioned in passing that I’m learning a new song – “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer – for my singing lessons. I love the song, it’s probably one of my favorite Unitariany songs, though admittedly the version I’m familiar with is Priscilla Herdman‘s cello-heavy arrangement. To help me learn to sing more expressively, my teacher asked me to remember the song is poetry, and to “write a (more…)

Racing Pennies

Sometimes it’s been hard not to hear the start of a poem when I’m out walking these days. And too many people have been saying nice things about my poems and encouraging me to write more (soon they will learn their mistake! muahaha): so, another poem I was fiddling around with. (more…)