7:30 at the Market

So, the guy I alluded to last post, who came up to me demanding that if I was “going to take a picture of something, take a picture of that!” while shoving his signed hat at me. It quickly struck me that he was either crazy or on something (though I don’t know), based on the way he was rambling excitedly as if I knew what he was talking about. I tried to be polite and take advantage of the proffered photo opportunity and not assume that he was crazy – and he was excited that I was taking his picture – but it quickly became apparent that whatever was going on with him, this guy was a creeper. -_-; Basically every topic he talked about involved some sort of invitation to go somewhere private with him, and some included less subtle hints of what he had in mind.

One thing I learned out of the trip to the public market was if you’re going to dress like a photo student in a short skirt to take pictures, the male market workers will be a lot more friendly and willing to have pictures of their wares taken, if not go out of their way to help or say hi – which makes it a lot easier. The people wandering around know what to assume about you too, so they don’t feel too nervous ending up in your photo. On the flip side though, some of the denizens of the market will be “friendly” to the point of being offensive and creepy. I’m not sure I’ll ever know what makes people like that go up to a woman and imply such things off the bat.

Anyway, once I thankfully extracted myself (I guess I have too much midwestern politeness to know what to do even with someone hitting on me continuously and creepily, other than to listen and nod and not agree to anything binding) and got back to my macro lens, I quickly found a good subject for a brain wash:

This was basically the perfect setup, and I took a number of pictures of it… The mug had so much character and such lovely symbolism matching the dawn light around me, it struck me as something that must have a lot of story and love to it, to be left out in the midst of a working area at the market. I loved the blue paint on the pallet as well, and the stripes leading off were perfect too. The only problem was that I couldn’t find an angle to capture the cooling coffee it contained as well as all the other elements…

While I was trying to shoot the mug, these guys kept coming and going from the door. Based on the reactions of people in the past when I tried to photograph them “in the wild,” I thought it would be best if I tried to snap them unawares. Unfortunately my camera’s autofocus wouldn’t cooperate, but apparently I needn’t have worried, equipped with my skirt…

When I finished with the mug, this guy’s friend insisted on taking our picture together for some reason – I thought it was odd since it wasn’t like they were going to get a copy of it – but they were really friendly and I decided to accept the offer. I started to feel a little like I was in Florence again, with guys hitting on me far too persistently and offering to take my picture like I was a tourist.

So I got a quick opportunity to take the portrait of a random person at the market like I’d been wanting to practice for a while. ^_^;

And then it was back to taking more familiar photos:

These beautiful peppers shone in the dawn light, and I really liked the way they were coming out so shadowy that their gleam really popped on the camera display. I took a bunch of photos of them too.

These hand-written cardboard signs add beautifully to the atmosphere of the market stalls, and I think based on their prevalence, the sellers know it. They make great subjects, aging brown rectangles, a touch of human handwriting, mixed in with the organic shapes of shining colorful produce.

I feel like I’ve seen these photos somewhere before; I keep having to reassure myself that they’re not someone else’s that I accidentally duplicated.

For some reason I found these signs with their proclamations of “Herbs!” funny.

A pepper rainbow.

Yes, I need to remember to set my aperture smaller…

Next time, my lobster volunteer.

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  1. Elaine Rockett
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    Lovely photos!

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