8am at the Market

Finished with the outdoors parts of the market, I took a walk through the enclosed shed area. The close quarters make it more difficult, but also made the stories going on more apparent and interesting. The lighting was also aesthetically much better than I was expecting.

I liked the variety of colored labels with the same handwriting surrounded by lush greens.

When I turned around from that, I found a lovely marketplace interaction going on, as a woman discussed the pottery displayed with the food with their baker, who paused to chat while the second baker went on bustling around her trying to serve customers.

Not, perhaps, the greatest success in capturing the interaction, but it’s exactly the kind of human marketplace story that I wanted to capture in last summer’s visit. Hopefully more practice will make me more adept and quicker about getting good compositions.

They sell mushrooms, apparently.
I was excited to capture the seller walking by behind the chicken sign he had perched up on the display case.

And now my favorite part of the market… SEAFOOD! =^.^=

The box of “live lobsters” (as proclaimed by the sign) wrapped in newspapers was a lot of fun to photograph. The young man behind the counter also seemed happy to help as he kept sticking his hands in the photos to resituate the lobsters more comfortably for me. Unfortunately between trying to have a conversation with him and being as excited as I was about the wiggly lobsters just sitting and chilling in the fresh air, I completely failed to set my camera correctly for the low light, and most of the photos came out either blurry or focused on the wrong area.

I really liked this lobster’s barnacle, especially highlighted as it was by the light, so even though his face is out of focus, the picture is what I wanted. I like to imagine his barnacle is a piece of jewelry he acquired, proudly displayed on his wrist.

It was a little weird looking into the folds of newspaper and finding crustacean faces staring back at me and alien claws shifting and rustling the paper.

I was very excited to find there was a stall in the shed selling those soft Chinese pork buns, but they were not as tasty as I hoped. Still, sitting down and eating it made me realize that it was getting pretty tiring taking all these pictures, and not too long after I decided to wrap up and go home for a quick nap before the rest of the day whisked me along.

I enjoyed the trip to the market, and by the time I left, the song in my head had changed from “Feeling Fine” to Priscilla Herdman’s “Where Have You Been?” by Bill Harley:

Where have you been, dear child of mine?
Where have you been all of this time?
I’ve been on a trip on a sailing ship
Dancing over the deep blue sea,
I stayed for a while on a jungle isle
Where the animals all played with me,
That’s where I’ve been while I was gone
Next time I go why don’t you come along?

The song is about a mother asking her daughter what she saw while she was “away,” and the daughter replying with all stories her imagination took her to. I just kept seeing little bits of peoples’ stories, or just interesting characters walking around, and asking myself, “what do you see?” to that airy tune of questions and imagination. By the time I finished at the market I felt a bit like the girl in the song transported to another world full of interesting snippets to be seen.

How can I come, dear child of mine
How can I come when you go next time?
We’ll lie down on the ground
And we won’t make a sound.
On the very next sunny day
We’ll look up at the sky till a cloud goes by,
Then we’ll let it take us away…
We’ll go together when we go next time.

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    My favorites are the chicken sign and the first shot with the mugs :) They look a little like mustaches at first glance…

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