Monthly Archives: July 2013

Rose’s Wedding in NYC

I went down to NYC for my high school friend Rose’s wedding July 13th. It was a good time meeting the groom’s friends and reconnecting with my girlfriends from high school that I hadn’t seen in a long time. After a meet & greet at the groom’s family’s house, a bunch of us went to a huge meaty dinner and then a late showing of Pacific Rim. It felt a little bit like a diluted bachelor party… (more…)

Independence Day Wknd III

After visiting Walden Pond, Piyush and I ventured into the city and got a mid-morning breakfast from a fancy little coffee shop, eating at the Boston Public Gardens under the watchful eyes of several squirrels. After spending as long as we could manage there, we sought AC in a sushi shop and then trekked across downtown to King’s Chapel. (more…)

Independence Day Wknd II

Moar Boston photos! Saturday, I was a good UU and made my pilgrimage to Walden Pond first thing in the morning, followed by a visit to King’s Chapel, the first American congregation to officially accept Unitarianism. The weather was again horrifically hot – almost 100º in the city, so again we headed home midafternoon to hide in Piyush’s air conditioned apartment. Photos starting with Walden Pond… (more…)

Independence Day Wknd I

I took a trip to Boston for the long weekend of the 4th to visit my friend Piyush. It was blazingly hot and humid so I didn’t get to see as much of the city as I’d hoped, but we had a nice time hanging out, especially our visit to the beach Friday morning. I ended up with weird sunburns, but I also ended up with some shells and my swimsuit got its first taste of the sea! (more…)

Letchworth for Independence Day

I took the afternoon off from work to start my July 4th weekend early, and went hiking at Letchworth park. This time, unlike last time, I was a bit more careful about setting my camera correctly. Still ended up with ugly color casts to the images, but I think I’ll have to fix ’em later… :( (more…)

Dramatic Portraits

Continuing my efforts to get better at taking portraits, my friend Tyler came over this weekend having volunteered himself to be a model. I was very excited to have gotten tethered shooting working so I could photograph and immediately see the results in Lightroom – which helped him see what was going on too, without interrupting (more…)