Independence Day Wknd II

Moar Boston photos! Saturday, I was a good UU and made my pilgrimage to Walden Pond first thing in the morning, followed by a visit to King’s Chapel, the first American congregation to officially accept Unitarianism. The weather was again horrifically hot – almost 100º in the city, so again we headed home midafternoon to hide in Piyush’s air conditioned apartment. Photos starting with Walden Pond…

Walden Pond was beautiful, although there were an awful lot of people there, seeing as it’s a good tourist location as well as a beautiful spot for the locals to exercise.

Walden Pond

It also satisfied a couple of my quirks by giving me lots of opportunity to imagine the similarities to Myst Island, and to provide paths and stairways to photograph. The narrow path lined with evergreens and massive granite rocks around the lake put me happily in mind of what it must have been like to walk around the perimeter of Myst Island.

Granite Steps
Pine needle path

We found the site of Thoreau’s cabin and took a bunch of pictures.

Piyush admiring the cabin site

Simplify, simplify

The cairn above the word “because” caught my eye in composing this.
Piyush + quote
Piyush really liked the quote so I took some portraits of him in front of it, in case he is in need of a Facebook photo.

Piyush portrait

After a little while Piyush took over the photography. I did not manage to be as appropriately contemplative as he did. I do “goofy” much better.

Me + Thoreau's cabin site

Me being goofy
Me being goofy

Eventually the bugs and the humidity got to be too much and we moved on around the pond. We learned from a park sign that Walden Pond is a kettle pond, so I did my best to explain to Piyush how those form, based on what I’ve been learning from recent hikes around Rochester. Although the scenery was beautiful, we were a bit glad to make it back to the air conditioned and bug-free car and drive to the T station for the rest of the day’s trip into town. More on that next time!

Another path!

Doesn’t that look like the path on Myst Island to you? All it needs is a pair of monarchs dancing through…

3 Responses to “Independence Day Wknd II”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Ahhh you make me want to go into the woods… :)

  2. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    Nice pictures. Looks very pleasant. From the pictures one hardly feels hot at all. Too bad the real day was not as cool.

  3. ellen
    | Reply

    Yeah, it was too bad it was so hot, it was beautiful there. And I definitely could have taken a lot more photos if it hadn’t been so sticky… I didn’t take many of my usual shallow depth-of-field photos because we were trying to keep moving to avoid the bugs.

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