Independence Day Wknd III

After visiting Walden Pond, Piyush and I ventured into the city and got a mid-morning breakfast from a fancy little coffee shop, eating at the Boston Public Gardens under the watchful eyes of several squirrels. After spending as long as we could manage there, we sought AC in a sushi shop and then trekked across downtown to King’s Chapel.


While we fended off overbold squirrels from our breakfast, we sat and watched the people and animals going about their business and Piyush spent some time with the willow tree. He said they had a lot in common in terms of mental state, and I took pictures of them waving in the breeze.


I can’t hear about the Public Gardens without thinking of the children’s book set in Boston, Make Way for Ducklings. The book details the adventures of a family of ducks looking for a place to nest, which (spoiler) they finally find in the Public Gardens.


It was a nice visit to the gardens and reminded me of lots of similar interludes of watching little critters with my family and particularly my mom. :) By that point it was getting to be lunch time and the heat and humidity were really getting icky, so we sought somewhere cool to eat lunch, settling on a sushi place which was pretty tasty. After lunch we trekked back the other direction past the park to visit King’s Chapel.


King’s Chapel was the first church in the US to officially adopt Unitarianism, so it’s an important historical site for UUs. They had several busts of Unitarian preachers that had been in residence at the church. I would have appreciated more specific information about that aspect of the church’s history – as it was, most of the signs related to famous people who had attended the church and sort of general information about the congregation.


We visited the graveyard near the church and then wanted to see a concert, but after wandering around for a long time in the heat in search of the concert, we couldn’t take any more and we headed back gratefully to Piyush’s air conditioned apartment.

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    My favorite one is the one of the altar. The view is unique :)

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks! Unique in what way?

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