Letchworth for Independence Day

I took the afternoon off from work to start my July 4th weekend early, and went hiking at Letchworth park. This time, unlike last time, I was a bit more careful about setting my camera correctly. Still ended up with ugly color casts to the images, but I think I’ll have to fix ’em later… :(

The view over the gorge reminded me of the joyous song we sang in choir for Earth Day, “The Blue Green Hills of Earth”:

For the earth forever turning, for the skies for ev’ry sea.
For all life, for all of nature, sing we our joyful praise to thee.
For the sun, for rain and thunder; for the land that makes us free;
For the stars, for all the heavens, sing we our joyful praise to thee.
For the earth forever turning, for the skies of ev’ry sea…

A good place to stop and sit and enjoy the view.
Here the water poured under the trail and off a cliff into the gorge, which was very cool.
I liked the little red-shirted people completely isolated against the majesty of the falls.
The falls here seemed how I picture the Falls of Rauros.
The rainbow was very obliging.

“I want a rare sky / vantage point free from misconception” -The Lie, Anne Waldman

On the drive home, there was an incredible display of clouds as the westering sun hid behind the towering thunderclouds, so I paused to take a bunch of pictures and enjoy yet another majestic scene for the day.

After that, the day was celebrated with an impressive combination of after-dark lightning strikes and fireworks.

3 Responses to “Letchworth for Independence Day”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    Awesome. I agree with you about the little red shirted people :) To whom are they singing praise in that song?

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Well, the version we sang used a typical UU substitution … “To our world we sing, returning home to our blue green hills of Earth…” Here’s the original though:

  2. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    I like the portrait shot of the rainbow over the falls and I like the second one with the bridge and stonework particularly. The evening sun behind the clouds worked out well too. All of them are nice.

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