Rose’s Wedding in NYC

I went down to NYC for my high school friend Rose’s wedding July 13th. It was a good time meeting the groom’s friends and reconnecting with my girlfriends from high school that I hadn’t seen in a long time. After a meet & greet at the groom’s family’s house, a bunch of us went to a huge meaty dinner and then a late showing of Pacific Rim. It felt a little bit like a diluted bachelor party…

After getting back around 3:30am, we didn’t leave again until after lunch, when we wandered down to Central Park, stopping at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Because people keep telling me about how big it is (and after living in Cologne for half a year, I was not impressed):

The cathedral disputes with Liverpool Anglican Cathedral the title of the largest cathedral and Anglican church and fourth largest Christian church in the world.

It was a cute church. But I think it would be hard for any American cathedral to compare with European cathedrals – especially the Cologne one.


Alejandra and our host were interested in bouldering, so we explored some rock faces in Central Park for a while before heading back to get ready for the wedding party. I tried to take a few less snapshoty pictures while they clambered on things.

I thought this thing was cool. Whatever it is. The little crystals looked sort of like a wound in the more solid rock to me.
Down at eye level, these reminded me of huge outcrops somewhere like Riven. They just need some catwalks crossing between them.

After that we made a brief stop at a bar so they could sample some beers before we headed back to get changed. We took a taxi over to Brooklyn, which gave some impressive views, driving across the river. The wedding was lovely, and it was really nice to get to see several of my best friends from high school again. I was having too much fun the whole weekend to take more than snapshots though. :/


The wedding ceremony was very brief, but heartfelt. It gave everyone more time to spend talking – the party was pretty small, so I felt like I got to know all the young people surprisingly well.

Rose’s dad: I think this was my favorite picture of the entire weekend.
The J.E.L.C. contingent!

After a sort of standing-and-milling-around dinner, Rose and Daniel had their first dance, which was lovely. I think you can see from the expressions everyone watching:


It was fascinating to me the range of expressions – thoughful nostalgia, joy, excitement, pleasure, wishful thinking… everyone was touched and lost in their own thoughts, watching them dance.

Nothing like Beatles music to get J.E.L.C. rocking out.

After that we spent the rest of the night rocking out to their dance playlist. Somewhere in there there was also cake.


There are lots more photos on Facebook. Sunday morning I got breakfast with Yuzi and then went to a service at All Souls UU church before heading back to the airport.

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