Monthly Archives: August 2013

Photo Weekend

This summer has been flying by in the best fashion. I feel like I’ve been simultaneously busy and relaxed, as I’ve had fun things of one sort or another going on most weekends and a good number of weeknights. Downtime has been a bit short, true…

Saturday involved a certain amount of photography and (more…)

Sterling Ren Fest

Saturday I drove up to the Sterling Ren Fest with my friends Don and Tyler, and met up there with James. It was a perfect day for it and the drive was lovely. It was good to be brought up to speed by Don on the goings-on in the lives of my fellow college RPG players. The ren fest seemed pretty much exactly the same as when I went (more…)

Digital Imaging Projects

Freshman year of college I took the intro to digital photography class my major required. I got the impression from the teacher that I was way ahead of the rest of the class, since I already knew what aperture and shutter speed were when I started… I had some extra time so I thought I’d repost a couple of those sequences, since (more…)

Sea Pinnacles Observatory

A digital painting I’ve been working on in a kind of Myst Age style. I have no idea what’s going on logically there. Why is there an observatory dome and an enormous satellite dish? What are they studying there? And what is up with those rocks? In good concept art fasion, I’m trying not to let it bother me too much. Not succeeding (more…)

Mysterium Weekend

This past weekend was one of the awesomest weekends I can remember having recently – and that’s saying something, as I have had a lot of awesome weekends this summer. I took Friday off to spend it at Mysterium 2013, which was in Rochester this year, but my awesome weekend started off with enjoying the beautiful evening at Powder Mills Park before going to an intro to swing dance workshop until late. It was hot in the dance hall but fun to dance (more…)