Doodle Time

The summer has been quiet and at times I’ve had a little time to doodle. I ♥ the Cintiq. If they weren’t like the cost of a new laptop or double, I would get one for use at home. *drool*


This one is based on a nice Pinterest find.


This one was inspired by some illustrations by Tolkien that I saw looking up a couple of his poems in the Hobbit back in June. I guess it’s sort of how I imagine Hobbiton … before hobbits lived there?


This one is one I started working on until I realized probably nothing about the scene made any sense. Even by Myst standards of logic, why would you have an observatory in the middle of a crater on a little island – what would you be studying there?


And a task assigned me from the development team relating to our upcoming game: “photoshop a viking helmet onto him.” Done.


I may also have taken some artistic license with the directions.

I’ve gotten some new toys to play with too. On Saturday, I was lent more lighting equipment, so I played with photographing a little still life I set up:


And I got a 10-weight, two-style type family at a 90% discount as well as its matching webfonts, a purchase I probably shouldn’t have made, but I’ve been wanting to buy myself a fancy typeface for a while and such a big discount for a pro-grade type family was too much to pass up. So I took a few lines of poetry I had lying around and played with my new toy:


Both of these are conveniently sized for wallpapers…

One Response to “Doodle Time”

  1. Ariana

    Love the viking helmet and artistic liberty taken. Love that that was your assignment, hah. The still life is impressive too.