Photo Weekend

This summer has been flying by in the best fashion. I feel like I’ve been simultaneously busy and relaxed, as I’ve had fun things of one sort or another going on most weekends and a good number of weeknights. Downtime has been a bit short, true…

Saturday involved a certain amount of photography and walking. After a brief stop to get my haircut first thing, I went over to Boulder Coffee to see my photo group. Once most of the photos had been discussed and critiqued, they moved over to the window to compare color tints on a print one of the guys had done. One of the other guys got up and started taking pictures of random things, in particular the little glass candleholders … which seemed like a good excuse to get out my camera.

Photo group

Glass candleholder

Several of the guys are doing a project to photograph Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts in their own way, and as Tyler lives close by a number of the buildings Steve was photographing, I’ve been trying to introduce them for months. I thought Steve could benefit from Tyler’s interest in the history and community of the area, and Tyler would find Steve’s artistic abstractions of his environment intriguing. After the photo group, we met up for a tour of sorts of the southwest corner of NOTA and I took pictures while the two of them discussed the art and history of the neighborhood.

Memorial Art Gallery and bench

Memorial Art Gallery

It was interesting to trail along after, although after the past few months, I’d heard most of both their points already I think…

"I want a rare sky"

e.e. cummings

I like the poems worked into the sidewalk along University Ave. They’re interesting to meditate on and find new meaning each time I read them.

Academy of the Sacred Heart at Prince Street

After wandering down University Ave, we took a turn down Prince St to have a look at this odd building, which was quite obviously added on to in mismatched styles over a period of years.

Academy of the Sacred Heart 2

It has all sorts of things going on and might be interesting to photograph more purposely some other time.

Academy of the Sacred Heart 3

Academy of the Sacred Heart 4

We wandered into the courtyard of the property for a further look around. A jet passing by overhead just as I was photographing the joint in buildings here was a cool coincidence. Would have been a great time to use HDR, if I’d had a tripod and the knowledge of how to set the camera correctly for such a photo…

Academy of the Sacred Heart 5

Tyler got distracted by the limestone block near the entrance and spent a good while enthusiastically explaining everything that was going on in it to Steve, who then happily proceeded to spend the rest of the walk talking about the “younging” in the architecture around us.

Tyler explaining a rock 1

Tyler explaining a rock 2

Steve gave me some tips about photographing buildings in his very geometric way. I’m not sure that it’s really the style for me, but by the end of the walk I felt like I was getting a much better handle on how to “see” through my wide angle lens than before.

Academy of the Sacred Heart apartments

Pathstone Corp branch

After quite a bit longer of wandering around the neighborhood (I ran out of energy for taking photos soon after that), it was off to the lakeshore to celebrate Don’s 30th birthday, which was a lot of fun. The party really made everyone feel like family and there was a lot of silly nerdy conversation – always a good thing.

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  1. Angus Rockett
    | Reply

    Is silly nerdy conversation anything like silly walking? I like the pictures, especially the two black and white images. The corner of the building with the jet trail overhead has a nice glow around the edges of the building which is a neat effect. I like that too.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thanks! The jet trail picture looked a lot cooler at the time, but the sky got completely blown out since I was in pretty dark shade. I think the glow around the building is mostly from trying to bring the sky back in in post. A couple of the other photos worked well in black and white too, but I liked the color enough that I left it in.

  2. Kelly
    | Reply

    This sounds like a fun excursion. My wide angle – well, actually, ultra-wide (10-22mm) is the lens I struggle the most with in terms of comfort level. I really need to get it out and experiment more! Enjoyed your shots – especially the one with the tree roots in the foreground!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Thank you! Yes, I have the same size lens, and what I realized from talking with Steve is that even the tiniest change in position has a huge impact on the photo – I have two copies of the last photo, one where I lined up with the front door and one where I lined up with the Pathstone sign in the front yard, and just one step to the side made one of them work much better than the other. I crop them to be much more panoramic, in general, and Steve pointed out that he usually does some stretching in post to get the lines at right angles – you can see the apartments photo could definitely use some help on the barrel distortion. I like taking pictures inside buildings with mine too – since its photos are about lines and perspective instead of objects (like my macro lens), it loves all the regularity and right angles of interior spaces.

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