Go Padda!

I’ve spent most of the year at work making iOS games/apps – and after almost a year of work, Go Padda has been released! Go Padda is a physics slider game in which you race down hills to collect flies and gain speed to fly over the landscape. Touching the screen hunkers Padda down to his leaf so he’s more aerodynamic for the downhills – but slows his climb on the uphills, so use it logically! Padda is also in a race against the coming rainstorm, so you’ll need to make it home before he’s struck by lightning.


When we started the game last year, I started sketching for it but as the sketches got increasingly more detailed we decided we liked that direction and I hand-painted in Photoshop all the assets for the prototype.


After the developers got a good way through the code, the project was tabled in favor of some client work until early this year, when we picked it up again with a new vector art style. I researched various all-age-friendly games and started out sketching some wiggly buttons on the office Cintiq, which I pictured being made out of jello.


We discussed the extent of graphics we would be needing, and decided to bring my RIT classmate Katie Scheid on board to illustrate the frog character and the bugs he’d be eating to gain points. She also did the bromeliad in which he makes his nest at the end of each level.

From there on, it was months of drawing all the conceivable assets according to the developers’ needs. Jungles, buttons, powerups… everything got drawn in vector on the Cintiq, cleaned up, and sliced into individual graphics so the developers could put them in the game. The gameplay was defined over time throughout the production process, which kept things interesting as they were constantly evolving.

I also did the design and a bunch of the development of the Bootstrap-based website, GoPadda.com. Check it out and download it for FREE for iPhone/iTouch from the iTunes store! Awesome work from the StormFrog mobile development team, I say.

4 Responses to “Go Padda!”

  1. Kelly
    | Reply

    Fantastic. Congratulations, Ellen! I’m downloading it now!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Great to hear! I hope you enjoy it – please rate it for us in the app store when you get a chance. We’d be happy to get honest feedback for the team and to help with future releases.

  2. Ariana
    | Reply

    I have a dumb phone, but I made my roommate download it on her iPhone and I think it’s awesome!!! The graphics are definitely top notch :) She’s still playing it ;)

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Awesome, thank you!

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