Peggy’s Wedding II

Continuing the photos from Peggy’s wedding weekend… After lunch, we wandered to the Jazz Fest in Millennium Park, and on the way I snapped some more “weddingy” pictures of Peggy and Trey than I otherwise managed.

While we were standing at the street corner taking pictures, some guy walked through the picture in the background and it was only on getting home and taking a closer look that I realized he had vampire teeth…

Peggy and Trey were photobombed!

We wandered around Millennium Park and Grant Park for a while. I always love visiting just to see the Bean. I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to me – I guess it’s one of those cool “sciencey” art installations, for one thing, and it always shows a different picture every time you look at it.

Trey’s cousin took over the camera for a while as we wandered down to Buckingham Fountain to meet up with some more of their family.

And after we’d done that, it was getting late in the afternoon and everyone dispersed to their various hotels to get ready for the reception.

My dad enthusiastically took over the photography for me for the evening at the reception.

The venue was very dark, which made it hard to get decent photos. Dinner was nice though, and it was cool to get to meet all the distant family members on both sides.


Peggy and Trey taking a selfie.

In addition to taking lots of photos, my dad was also rowdy about dancing with everyone, since my mom was not inclined to dance. Peggy’s brother Aaron and his band played swing music for a while, which gave everyone a good opportunity to dance. I even got to dance with my dad, which was pretty cool and more successful, I think, since I went to some swing dances in August.


Peggy and Trey are married! ^_^ Congratulations and good luck to them!

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  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    peggy_wedding_21 is my favorite :)

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Yeah, I like that one a lot too, thanks!

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