Fall Festival

Over the weekend I was a guest of Ruby Foote at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, a local living history site, for their annual Fall Festival and agricultural fair. Ruby is the village photographer, so it was cool to go around and meet the interpreters from her inside point of view. We checked out the blue ribbon contest where people had submitted all sorts of period food products and crafts, and spent a while reviewing the photos of the village. She was very hospitable and a lot of fun to chat with – although sometimes I made the mistake of taking her seriously when she was just pulling my leg!

This is clearly one of her favorite things to do, as she made up for “getting me” by telling her good friend Marie that she was retiring and I was going to be her replacement. She got Marie pretty good, but it was fun to see them laugh about it afterwards.

Ruby + Marie 1 Ruby + Marie 2

Mr. Foote and his organ

We also paid a visit to Ruby’s husband, who grinds the monkey organ there on a regular basis. He was also very nice and made me feel welcome, and his organ was fun to take photos of. I sat with Ruby while she played the part of peanut gallery to his explanations about the instrument for the visitors for a while.

Organ 1 Organ 2 Organ 3

The colors in the village were quite beautiful with all the leaves and old trees, despite the damp day.

Leaves 1 Leaves 2 Retro "no smoking"

We visited with Pickle Peg, who I think claimed she was from Kentucky (and she certainly played the part!), as she cried her pickles and baked potatoes.

Long shot of Peg

When there was a lull in the buyers, I followed Ruby’s instructions to take Peg’s portrait.

Peg 1 Peg 2
Peg 3

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and chatting with everyone who crossed paths with Ruby, which really made the village come alive.

Genesee Country Village 1

Genesee Country Village 2

Unfortunately we missed the “Man-Eating Shrimp” in the much-proclaimed “Tent of Wonders,” with such sights to be seen as the fragments from the Great Wall of China, a log from Washington’s cherry tree, and Snow White’s apple (with a fresh bite taken out of it), and missed (probably fortunately, from the two minutes I saw at the end of it) the magic show, but we did get to see the demonstration of how grain was processed.

Genesee Country Village Interpreter

Genesee Country Village Horse

The horse was pretty recalcitrant throughout the demonstration … but I can understand not wanting to walk up a treadmill on a regular basis for the entertainment of tourists myself. Good thing they invented motors I guess?


All in all I thought it was a great day for photos!

5 Responses to “Fall Festival”

  1. Ruby Foote
    | Reply

    Ellen, thanks for your fun-writing and photographs of our day spent at the Agricultural Faire. I have “shared” it to my Genesee Country Village & Museum face book pages, and thanks for joining us there.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      I really enjoyed joining you there, and I hope the interpreters enjoy seeing their portraits. :)

      • Ruby Foote
        | Reply

        Yes, both Marie and Lyn (Pickle Peg) did enjoy yesterday as I printed copies for them to keep. They do not belong to face book or do much computing.

        • ellen

          Great to hear!

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