Monkeying Around

Last month I did a photo shoot of a friend’s two kids to capture their monkeying around for her holiday cards. After establishing where they would feel most comfortable, we went out on a nice warm sunny afternoon to Highland Park and the kids proceeded to show me their favorite climbing trees. Keeping up with two kids climbing trees in order to take their portraits is hard work!

They were really good though – the girl was very happy to have her pictures taken and kept directing me where best to stand to capture her, and boy was so intent on climbing that it was often a challenge to get a smile.

The light was something of a challenge since I was shooting without a flash and was having to keep the shutter speed lower than it really should have been – especially for capturing fast-moving kids. Even with cranking up the ISO I lost a number of nice photos to motion blur. I think enough turned out well though…

3 Responses to “Monkeying Around”

  1. Ariana
    | Reply

    My favorite = kids 8. :)

  2. Suzanne Morgan
    | Reply

    You captured them perfectly – gorgeous pictures.

  3. ellen
    | Reply

    Thanks, ladies! I had a lot of fun taking their pictures, I’m glad to hear the photos are representative of them. I would love another opportunity to capture kids being themselves for their families.

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